Puzzle Pole Car Parking System

As cities get increasingly congested, Parking spaces become increasingly precious. As cities begun going vertical, so have parking spaces, Star Nine Elevators has devised sophisticated Parking Systems for automobiles that optimize space, Require minimum maintenance and are easy to operate. These are systems that also demand a high level of customization depending upon available spaces in high density areas and proportionate load requirements.

Star Nine’s Puzzle Pole Car Parking System provides parking space for two passenger cars one above the other. This is an efficient and space-saving parking system that uses basement space in addition to the ground-level space for the purpose of greater effectiveness. It is a multi-level car-parking system which enables both vertical as well as horizontal motion. It is available in different models, all of which are driven using Hydraulic Cylinders for vertical movement and traction-based cylinders for horizontal movement. They are microprocessor-based and result in improved parking efficiency in commercial and residential buildings. They are a highly reliable parking system.

Puzzle Pole Car Parking System- Star Nine Elevators

This is Puzzle type of Parking and is Installed with some level below ground and some above ground. This is a Combination of Stack and above Ground Puzzle Parking. In this model any Car from any level can be retrieved automatically without removing any of the cars from any level. The System can be customized to handle Sedan or SUV or a Combination of both. This is more suitable for those Parking lots, where there is constant flow of Cars and intermittent Parking and Retrieving of Cars happens quite frequently.

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