Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters use natural sun light to heat water. This system works on the thermosiphon principle and is designed to provide hot water without consuming expensive electricity. This is the most effective way to generate hot water thereby saving costly power and is also environment friendly. The extra thick SS inner tank & high density PUF insulation makes owning the Havells Solero a superior choice ensuring years of trouble free hot water for you and your family.

How Its Works?
  1. Solar collectors: A solar water heater consists of solar collectors, usually installed on the roof or in an open area with good exposure to sunlight. These collectors absorb solar radiation and convert it into heat energy.

  2. Heat transfer: The absorbed solar energy is transferred to a heat transfer fluid, such as water or a mixture of water and antifreeze, circulating through the collectors. The fluid becomes heated as it absorbs the solar heat.

  3. Storage tank: The heated fluid is then transferred to a storage tank, where it transfers its heat to the water stored in the tank. This process raises the temperature of the water, making it hot and ready for use.


Solar Water Heater-Star Nine Elevators

Solar Water Heater

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