Tower Car Parking System

As cities get increasingly congested, Parking spaces become increasingly precious. As cities begun going vertical, so have parking spaces, Star Nine Elevators has devised sophisticated Parking Systems for automobiles that optimize space, Require minimum maintenance and are easy to operate. These are systems that also demand a high level of customization depending upon available spaces in high density areas and proportionate load requirements.

The tower car  parking system is an automated parking system in which the units move in a vertical direction at a different level. The tower system moves upward and It allows parking spaces for up to 70 cars. The construction of the system is such that it does not cause any disturbance to the building.

This equipment usually make two cars as a level, the plane and space utilization is highest in all type parking system.

This equipment has the advantages of high park/unpark efficient, low noise low vibration, meet the requirement of urban environment protection.

Intelligent control and perfect security, there’s light guide when cars moving in to and out of the garage, car over-length monitor and speed limit protection.

Garage can be designed separately, even in interior of building, and can be arranged abreast with several sets

Tower Car Parking System- Star Nine Elevators

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