Solar Net Metering System

Solar net metering system is a billing arrangement that allows solar energy system owners to receive credits for the excess electricity they generate and export to the grid. It is a mechanism that promotes the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, by providing incentives to homeowners, businesses, and institutions to install solar panels on their properties.

How Its Works?
  1. Solar panels generate electricity from sunlight.
  2. The electricity produced is consumed on-site to power appliances, lights, and other electrical devices.
  3. If the solar system produces more electricity than what is consumed on-site, the excess power is sent back to the electric grid.
  4. The utility company credits the solar system owner for the excess electricity generated.
  5. When the solar system produces less electricity than what is consumed, the owner uses electricity from the grid.
Solar Net Metering System- Star Nine Elevator
Advantages Of Solar Net Metering System

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