Three Level Car Parking System

As cities get increasingly congested, Parking spaces become increasingly precious. As cities begun going vertical, so have parking spaces, Star Nine Elevators has devised sophisticated Parking Systems for automobiles that optimize space, Require minimum maintenance and are easy to operate. These are systems that also demand a high level of customization depending upon available spaces in high density areas and proportionate load requirements.

This is simple dependent parking system and can be used to park Sedan/ SUV cars one above the other. When the car on the top is to be removed, the cars at the bottom has to be first removed and then the top cars are to be removed. This can mainly be used where lot of cars are to be parked and space is a major constraint. In this case the retrieval of the Car on the top can take upto 90 sec.

This is more suitable for Car Show Room, Car Service centre, Work place (where cars are parked in the morning and taken out only in the even), and any such areas where parking is done for long hours.

Three level car parking system provides parking space for three passenger cars one above the other. It is based on hydraulic systems stands on three steel pillars with base plates and offers flexibility when installed in basements and garages. The platform is curved at the ends to allow the car to roll on / roll off conveniently from either side. An operating control pendant can be conveniently located anywhere in the garage, basements, and outdoor structures for operation from a safe distance.

Three Level Car Parking System- Star Nine Elevators

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